Astrological midpoints in synastry

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You see, although Midpoints are a rather advanced tool, they are SO important. Simply put, a midpoint in your chart is the degree you get when you calculate the distance between two planets.

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Let's keep this really simple. Imagine your Sun is at 15 degrees of Capricorn and your Moon is at 5 degrees of Capricorn. Well, the halfway mark between these two planets would be 10 degrees of Capricorn. So in this imaginary example, 10 degrees of Capricorn becomes an extremely sensitive degree in that person's chart.

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It's also a degree that, when activated by a planet or point in another person's chart, suggests that you are in a tremendously important relationship. Only hard aspects count with midpoints by the way conjunction, square or opposition. Hard aspects are drivers.

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Direct MP, 4th degree Aries. The maximum orb of Midpoints is two degrees. In transits and progressions this orb is reduced to one degree.

Midpoints - Unleashing the POwer Of The Planets

Example 3. His radix Jupiter is positioned there.

John has a perfect mental and emotional balance. He is happy and he loves to be with other around him.

Midpoints - The Adventurous Astrologer

He maybe is overly optimistic. In that degree is also her radix Mercury. Jenny had always thoughts about love and marriage. She maybe want to have many children.

However, instead of the two planets or points involved with an aspect relationship, there are three distinct components represented by midpoint picture. Midpoint relationship is expressed in equation form as:. Moon is referred to as the Focal Point. The midpoint picture describes in astrological shorthand how the Focal Point connects with, is merged with, and is coloured by the meanings of the oter two planets or points. Midpoints are triggered either by transits or progressions.

How To Use Midpoints in Synastry?

The most influential ascpect of all is the conjunction. Key words are listed for quick interpretation of aspects and planetary influences. Many real life case studies involving love and tragedy provide easy understanding of how events are seen within the cosmogram. These cases, shown with the illustrated cosmogram follow throughout the book and offer key insights for interpretative analysis. The book concludes with four full case discussions, two of which ended fatally, using midpoint synastry.

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