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All six of them were interrogated at the Phase 8 police station. Last edited: Feb 28, Some very unknown facts are brought out in Nadi Jothidam. I don't know why.. My mum's Nadi also shows she was a Brahmin in a previous birth. Only mine shows something else. So I really wonder how accurate that is..

So I guess we should not really rely too much on it. Once when myself and the team were in Alleppey now Alappuzha district. There was a well-known Nadi astrologer in one centre, attached to a vishnu temple there and three hindus of us therefore went one day just to know about how this Nadi worked. On the first day the swamiji, who had the Vasishta Nadi in his possession and also knew how to read it, gave us an appointment for another date and time according to our convenience.

On the appointed day, the swamiji was ready with a few bundles of palm leaf granthas all neatly covered in green silk pieces.

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He asked us to go and sit on the wooden seating plank AmappalakAi placed by his side and facing the north, while he was seated facing the east on one side of the door to the sanctum santorum of the temple, a very neatly maintained one. He narrated the story of the temple and the nADi. It seems the temple belonged to the sanyasi's old TharawAD or family and had fallen into complete neglect. But they had sold off all the extensive properties, the joint family had splintered and migrated far and wide. The temple alone stood, neglected and in partial ruin. So he said he decided to spend the rest of his life for renovating the temple.

During this renovation work when the land was dug, the NADi palm leafs were accidentally discovered in a copper pot. He then took those palm leafs to Madras and got them cleaned and also learnt how to read theem with the help of some people in Tamil Nadu who were in that line. The predictions given were very ordinary. Our names were somehow deciphered in an oblique way linking it to specific godheads etc. Not much was told about our previous births. But the date of our deaths was clearly told. One of us took down those dates but since we did not attach much importance to it, I did not keep a copy.

We were told to give whatever we could for the temple and the swami promptly gave us a recipt for the amount we paid about Rs. On the whole we felt that it was a very straight forward business, no tricks. My daughter-in-law consulted some nADi astrologer when they she and my son did not get any issues even after 4 years of marriage. The nADiwaalah told that she would get two children, the first a son and that everything would be Ok for her and her family.

She has now two sons and the nADi prediction seems to have come true in her case. For reading about Past births, there is a specific Kandam, like that for Marriage Etc. For Reading each Kandam, a fee has to be paid. I was not a Brahmin in my Previous birth but maintained a small Temple. What surprised my wife was that he told even in this birth he maintains a Temple!! Yes, in our Chennai home, we have a small Therukuthu Pilliyar Temple maintained by us.

After knowing this i myself wanted to see the Nadi Astrologer. Nadi jothidam fellow read from a chuvadi told me that I was a big land owner in my previous birth, probably somewhere in Kerala or Tamilnadu and had many sons and daughters; also constructed a small Pillayar temple near my home, and maintained it.

I asked him again the correct about the location of my previous birth place. After consulting many Chuvadis, he was telling he finds that I was born in Kerala in one of my previous births and in another somewhere in Tamilnadu. In that place there is Temple on a mountain which is very famous.

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This took me no where as there are many Temples in Tamilnadu located on hill top so I left at that. Few years later, we were on a pilgrimage to many temples, we had some prarthana at Samayapuram Temple, which is near Trichy. It was my first trip to Samayapuram temple, when we were going through a particular road, by car, in one side of the road lot of trees lined up the place looked very familiar to me.

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The leaves were found lying idle in. Some interested in Astrology realized their values and copied the contents on palm leaves and made exact replicas. These leaves have been handed down over generations to make predictions. They earned their live lihood through this Naadi Astrology. They got trained from their elders to do Naadi readings.

Thus Naadi readers started to spread such prediction procedure all over India in order to serve better to many peoples. The readers who lie and do not perform their daily poojas, will find no benefits or joy having a Naadi. Their lives may be very unhappy etc. Such palm leaves are preserved by rubbings peacock oil on auspicious occasions. The respective leaf.

Some are genuine and will change ones life in the most positive way. Others are copy's or take's or only very limited in their predictions and thus not much helpful. Thus, there are many different Naadi throughout India. By God's grace and blessings they provide the seeker to have the closets communication with the Lord, through the saints rishis and siddhas obtaining guidance and blessings to live a more full, happy and spiritual live there after. Naadi collections can be under stood as a divine game, where the illusion of Karma and destiny in a state of mind only to be changed accordingly as one " rediscovers "ones own true devine self " - Parmalma - The God Self.

There are number of Naadis available named after the Rishis who composed the same. Predictions have been directly handed down by the great saint - Agarthiya written on Palm leaves, more than years ago. In fact, these are not just predictions but they are recorded facts about you and your life, your part, present and future.

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These facts hence have come from the knowledge of a great soul, saint Agasthiya, who has conquered time. There is absolutely no ambiguity in these facts. They are crystal clear. Just reading one chapter about your self will convince you now authentic they are. Your astonishment will be boundless. Each Tantra Naadi contains 15,88, horoscopes. Such horoscopes will be re-written and carried on every years. The predictions of these horoscopes are fairly accurate and reliable.

It is said that Brahma Naadi is the most reliable. PRASNA NAADI's There are 72 Prasna Naadis, 36 of these will give answers based on whether the person gives the name of the fruit, colour fruits, colour, a number and 18 others will give answers based on flowers and another 18 based on the time when the question is asked.

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The astrologer then searches his repository of leaves for the seekers clarification of thumb print. Lines on the thumb of people on the earth are classified in to types. The Naadi palm leaves are arranged according to these types. The Naadi readers identify the particular types of lines on the thumb and the. The time deviation to pick up one's leaf depends upon the identification of the thumb impression.

Some impressions are identified easily and the corresponding leaves are found soon.

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This tracing process is a tire some one. From this palm leaves inscriptions one can get great insight in his own life. After they bring a bunch of palm leaves they Naadi readers start reading from the leaves and ask questions, one has to say just yes or no.

The questions asked will generally cover one's name, age, beginning letter of ones name in tamil. These questions are asked to locate the leaf containing natives predictions.

Shri Vashista Naadi Astrology Centre in Santacruz East Mumbai

Once you say no to a question they jump to the next leaf and keep asking questions related to what is written on the leaf. This is done till you are convinced that the details being read are completely yours. Remember you are just saying yes or no for all the questions asked.